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Small Businesses and Blogging

I currently have a client that I am helping do some development work for. I told him he should get into blogging, as his industry does not have really anyone talking about his niche and that could really help him in his marketing and search engine position. Being the technical person he is, he tilted his head and nodded. I assumed he could see the big picture like I could, but really he didn’t. I eventually noticed his blank stare and lack of excitement, and filled him in on why blogging could help his small business.
Over on the Church of the Customer Blog they have put up a post talking about why it is a great idea for most small business to look at blogging as a helpful tool.
They give seven points, and here are my favourite three:

1. They fan the flames of customer evangelism. Their personal nature helps humanize you and your organization.
4. They facilitate the spread of buzz. Honest, informative or thought-provoking posts about issues important to customers and prospects tend to be spread more often.
7. They help position you as a knowledgeable expert in your industry.

Check out the rest, as well as the details of what not to do once you start a blog for your small business at the Church of the Customer Blog.
Hopefully, my client does well with it. I am helping him compile a list of topics he can touch on, as well as tools at his disposal to promote his content and eventually with some luck, time and effort, start a community.