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Splashpress Media: No Hard Feelings

Back when Blog Herald was acquired by its current owners, there was some confusion over who bought it. The company that bought it held the name of Bloggy-Network at the time, which was constantly confused with our Bloggy Network.
Over on the Bloggy Network blog there is now a post up talking about it.

During the recent acquisition of Blog Herald, there was a bit of confusion over the new owners. The company that bought Blog Herald was ‘Bloggy-Network’, not to be confused with our very own
The ensuing ruckus caused a lot of angry words to be thrown around, and in one unreported case, even a custard pie.
That has all been sorted out. Bloggy-Network has changed its name to Splashpress Media. The name ‘Bloggy Network’ will be used by us and only us. And with that, this chapter is closed. We are happy with the result, Splashpress Media is happy with the result, and there are no ill feelings between the either of us.