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Splashpress Welcomes Micropatrons

One thing the readers on the site might have noticed is a new widget in our sidebar. Splashpress has become very interested in Scratchback as a micropayment system for our fans and readers. If you are looking for advertising on Splashpress Media blogs, this is the least expensive way to get a link from us.
We have already discussed our excitement for this advertising platform on Blog Herald and my own blog Jim Kukral has also mentioned our uptake of the service on the Scratchback blog, which we feel is a testiment of how personal and wonderful the service is.
We can’t wait to see how advertisers and users react to this addition as we continue to add the widget to more and more of our higher level blogs. Some of the places you can already add your tip and link to include the Blog Herald, 901am, Forever Geek, and soon many more.