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Start a Corporate Blog

Over at Squarespace Insider there is a post about starting a corporate blog, and it answers the who, what, where, when and how of starting such a blog.
My favorite from the post is the how:

If putting the blog right on the company site, it can quickly be incorporated into the company plan. Consider making announcements on the blog and having promotions for loyal readers. The more that the blog is used as a platform for speaking to the public, the more of that public will be interested in it. Make sure that the rest of the company is aware of the blog and get everyone involved in brainstorming blogging topics and getting the people writing the blog the latest company information. If industry news is sent around the company, get this news on the blog as well as your thoughts on it. This level of cooperation is vital in creating a successful and representative blog.

Check out the full post on Squarespace Insider, definitely a great read.