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Summer Ride Share

My friends do the wildest things, one has gone over to Afghanistan twice, another moved across the country for his first real job, and another is driving from place to place for his vacation.
Now this doesn’t sound amazing or interesting, but Justin isn’t choosing his destination, or even his meals for that matter. He is letting the people he picks up along the way decide the adventure he takes.
He calls it the Summer Ride Share and it seems like its already been a lot of fun. Now on day five, he continues to struggle on getting people that’d like to come with him, and I hope that some increased press, which he has been getting left, right and center, will help him in his journey.
Why would he do this?

I wanted to go on a summer road trip, but I was not sure where exactly I wanted to go. I looked on Craigslist’s local rideshare listings and noticed that everyone else seemed to know exactly where they wanted to go. So here I am, doing what I believe to be most logical, driving across North America and picking up new friends along the way.

A great idea for a summer vacation. Good luck Justin. Check out Summer Ride Share, if you haven’t already.