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Support Tab on

I was just looking at the updated look of and for the most part it is the spitting image of the stock WordPress 2.5 installation. Sure it has some of the normal dashboard enhancements and the removal of the plugins link, but what really drew in my attention was a tab not on my installations of WordPress.
SupportA small tab labelled support just below the normal help and forums links in the header of the administration panel.
On click, this tab does a nice javascript drop down effect showing a wide variety of choices. My first reaction was sheer wonderment. Why doesn’t’s version have this tab? We could then do away with the help and forums links, merging them into Support, and creating a box where specific areas of the forum and codex are linked. This seems like the perfect way to make finding help easier for users, and allowing us to delve deep into the chaotic mess that is sometimes the forum and codex.
It is always nice to see new advancements and improvements on, but I hope there is a plan in place to bring this to users. Not like any of myself or any of the readers here ever need any support, right?