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TalkPress: bbPress’ Big Brother?

With Automattic’s recent funding, the Houston Chronicle’s TechBlog was able to get some details about Matt Mullenweg’s plans. One of the more interesting things noted in the article was TalkPress, based on the current bbPress forum system, TalkPress is supposed to realize Matt’s dream of good forum software.
From the article:

Mullenweg says he’ll use the new cash to fund more projects, including a new forums product. Called TalkPress, he said it will be “smaller, lighter, with fewer features but a richer customization API.”
In other words, it will work a lot like WordPress, which is a basic framework upon which users add the features they really need. Mullenweg some time ago created a forum program, BBPress, and the TalkPress service will be built on that.
“I spend a lot of time on forums, and they drive me crazy,” he said. “They haven’t changed in 10 years.”

While I don’t know if I really enjoy the new name, as it makes me think more of instant messaging or a voice over IP client, I am happy to see that Matt plans on re-inventing and revigorating the popular bbPress software.