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Targeting & More Targeting

Over on Tech Soapbox, Ahmed, one of the owners of the Bloggy Network, has written up a short post on why lower traffic blogs can be just as profitable as blogs getting thousands of uniques and continues to prove that it is just as much in the niche you chose as the traffic and other metrics you place on the blog.

The sites that generate the most amazing ROI are usually the ones that are most targeted. For example, we have a rarely updated site based loosely on finance. Today it generated a pithy 28 pageviews. The earnings for today: $18.18.
While that was a super-freak earnings there, the site averages a CPM above $100 (both this month and lifetime – it has been around since early 2005).
Don’t pass on something just because it doesn’t have the potential for 10 million pageviews. You can get by with 1000 sometimes.

A great reminder to those always following the lead of other bloggers and blog networks in hopes of making it big.