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Teaching the Traditional Web

D. Keith Robinson is a great writer, and having come off his latest redesign, he has some words about the current state of the web that I think holds especially true for bloggers.
He talks extensively about content and context, and those are words and concepts which most of us bloggers have to work on understanding better.

Context is very, very important and becoming more and more so as the web bleeds out of the browser and we start to see more and more cultures blending on the Web.
Does is make sense to display your content outside the browser? Does your content make sense in a mobile context? Will it be accessed via RSS? Are your users multi-cultural? “The Web” is no longer a single, location- and browser-based context, although that might be your primary method of delivery. Design your content to the contexts that make the most sense. If you have more than one (browser and mobile, for example) your content could very well benefit from being designed differently for each.

Check out his post called Teaching the Traditional Web.