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Technical Tips for Publishing a Series

Lorelle on WordPress has an article up that talks about the technical side of publishing a series of blog posts on your blog. Lorelle talks about the WordPress plugins used, and how to set them up to work effectively.

While I did put on my wish list for a WordPress Plugin that would automatically recognize links to non-published posts within the content of a post and keep them hidden until the post publishes, there is a WordPress Plugin that will hep you connect the dots of your series, though not within the post content. It creates a series list at the end of the content on a page.
Skippy’s In-Series WordPress Plugin is one of my favorite WordPress Plugins. I write a lot of series articles on my blogs. Skippy saw my need (and tears of linking frustration) and worked overtime to put this together, realizing how important it is to help article series bloggers or writers to connect their articles together.

A very useful article that points out mistakes people make and some great tips and tricks to make sure you make the most out of a series of posts on your blog. Check out the post at Lorelle on WordPress.