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Technorati: Upgrade or Stop Being Indexed

It looks like so many older WordPress blogs are being heavily spammed through issues that have been fixed for over a year now. Why is this? Because we are all too lazy to upgrade our blogs.
Now Technorati, and most likely other services like it are taking a hard look at older WordPress run blogs and are saying “upgrade or we will stop indexing your site”.
From Technorati’s blog:

Blogs that have been compromised by this security vulnerability are typified by having links to spam destinations inserted onto the blog page. These link insertions may be invisible to casual observations; the links are often obscured by style attributes that render them invisible. These links are still seen by crawlers such as Technorati’s, Google’s and Yahoo’s. You can find these links by viewing the source of the blog pages or, when using Firefox, looking under “Tools” -> “Page Info” -> “Links”. Blogs hosted on are not affected by this issue; only blogs hosted on their own installations of WordPress from require concern.
Because of this ongoing problem, we’re discontinuing processing crawls of blogs that exhibit common symptoms of being compromised. We strongly recommend upgrading your WordPress installation. Even if you haven’t been afflicted by a compromise, by the time you are aware that you have been a number of negative consequences may have already occurred (for instance, flagged spam by Technorati, Google or Yahoo!) — this has been reported by many WordPress users.

I guess that means that now is the time to upgrade, as the effects of not upgrading and thus being spammed are very far reaching. Splashpress Media had a problem with this once and one of our sites was put on’s list, making sure that everyone that found us through Google’s search results was warned that we were an unsafe site to browse. This made traffic and revenue plummet and it took a long time to get off that list, even once the issue was resolved.
It isn’t that hard to upgrade, so what are you waiting for? Upgrade to WordPress 2.3.3 or WordPress 2.5 today!