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Technosailor’s Movable Type 4 Review

I have to admit, I haven’t bitten the bullet and tried out the new Movable Type, but reading reviews online, it seems like people are very divided on which software comes out on top. Aaron Brazell, someone I trust, has created not only a review, but some suggestions that SixApart might want to take and use to improve their publishing platform.
Here is a snippet from his post, and something I still hear the most complaints about:

Setup Fixes
I̢۪m still disgruntled about Movable Type setup routine. It̢۪s easier than it used to be but it is far from easy and frustrated me as a technologically competent guy. For instance, why can̢۪t the setup wizard trim whitespace from around database login info. I don̢۪t know how it is done in Perl, but in PHP it̢۪s as simple as trim($string);.

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