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The Best YouTube Cooking Channels

Are you an aspiring food blogger in need of motivation? Today’s article focuses on the best YouTube cooking channels to help you learn from the very best.

Even if your sole focus is on traditional blogging (as opposed to creating YouTube content) there’s still plenty of strategies to pick up and incorporate into your recipe articles.

Let’s get cooking!

Things to Keep in Mind:

Looking to start your own YouTube food channel? Keep the following tips in mind at all times…

Study each YouTuber’s style: You may think these channels cover the same things in the same exact way, but each vlogger has a unique signature that makes their content stand out (be it with humor or through intriguing storytelling).

Offer old things in new ways: While you may not be the first person to explain “how to bake a cake,” you can always find a new angle to make each recipe stand out. Take your time before releasing a new video and don’t hit the Publish button until you have something great on your hands.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the competition: There are tons of popular food channels, and many of them have gained quite the following over time. You don’t need to be the biggest food channel out there; you just need a tiny piece of the pie to be successful.

Laura in the Kitchen

Laura is widely regarded as a fun, charismatic, professional food vlogger and one of the very best on YouTube. She focuses largely on Italian food recipes but has also explored more international meals.

At this point she has covered everything from Italian seafood salad to Japanese cabbage fritters and much more.

What makes this channel special is her willingness to take user requests for many of her recipes. She actively listens to feedback and makes everyone feel welcome by cooking the most requested recipes.

Food Fusion

Looking for something more international as opposed to traditional American meals? Food Fusion teaches various recipes from Pakistan, surrounding regions, while occasionally mixing things up with an American flavor.

Some recipes covered include Dhaka fried fish, Lebanese rice, Malai cake, and more curious offerings such as BBQ grilled fish recipes.

All in all, this food YouTube channel has accrued over 3 million followers and its audience is very receptive toward everything shown.

BBQ Pit Boys

Summertime is great for the occasional BBQs in the backyard, and BBQ Pit Boys can help you get insanely creative with cooking.

They have covered just about everything you can BBQ to spice up your summers with friends and family. Tutorials include how to smoke fried spare ribs, cooking bacon whiskey chilli, along with related videos such as money-saving hacks with groceries.

Hellthy Junk Food

HellthyJunkFood is quite the special channel, and I think it speaks to most of us loud and clear. This recipes channel often explores “junk food” – or anything you might consider fast food – and gets a tad creative with it.

For example, they once made a video showing how to cook nuggets with sauce already inside them. While I still like to dip my nuggets in sauce separately, there’s no denying that this is still a great idea.

Otherwise, these guys teach you how to cook certain foods to look (and taste) just like popular brands (such as KFC-style recipes, and more).

Mind Over Munch

Mind Over Munch is a YouTube channel everyone should follow, as it mainly covers mindful eating while exploring many healthy recipes that still taste delicious.

Some past videos have tackled meals for bone health, and even the best foods for anxiety and depression.

Other important subjects are covered, such as dieting myths and changing your bad eating habits for good. This is a great healthy channel overall, and I simply cannot recommend it enough.


If you follow a more vegan lifestyle, this channel has you covered with some of the best meals to suit your tastes.

This YouTube channel explores recipes like cookie dough bars, pumpkin ricotta, vegan tacos, chickpea quesadillas, and seasonal recipes like meals for cold winter months.

When not teaching vegan recipes, you can also learn about related topics such as advice for new vegans, as well as tips to save money at places like Whole Foods.


Emmy enjoys coming up with her own recipes, as well as trying different foods from around the world so you don’t have to.

It also covers some unique and, well, “interesting” ideas – such as an oreo burger from McDonald’s and a salad made of cookies (yup, cookies).

This is an otherwise traditional YouTube channel that mixes unhealthy meals with “greener” options in between, ensuring there’s always something for everyone.

Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino has one of the biggest and most successful recipes YouTube channels out there, with over 12 million followers as of this writing. She has appeared on TV shows (hosting a popular series on the Cooking Channel) and has been a New York Times best-selling author.

Despite her massive popularity, most viewers and aspiring vloggers can still relate to this gal due to her friendly and easy-going personality. Her channel focuses mostly on treats / pastry, with the occasional unrelated content just for giggles.

Thammachart Seafood

This channel is all about seafood. While their videos are not very long, you might still enjoy their straight-to-the-point style and overall presentation.

Each video still mentions the portions necessary for each recipe, though you’ll probably have to rewatch them due to their quick nature.

Honorable Mention: Mis Pastelitos

This YouTube food channel is strictly in Spanish, but it deserves an honorable mention due to the many delicious dishes it covers. It mainly covers different pies and other pastries/treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.

You’re Next

Feeling motivated to start a recipes blog or take it a step further with a YouTube channel? The year 2021 is all about restarting (or resuming) your blogging career in unexpected ways, and YouTube is the perfect companion to get the ball rolling – especially as a natural way to advertise your blog on the platform.