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The Cost of High Quantities of Posts

Darren Rowse posted recently on about bloggers thinking that large quantities of content on their blog will create value. He mentioned how wrong they are in this view, and I totally agree with him.

Does the quantity of content that you post to your blog add value to or devalue your blog?
I suspect that there are many bloggers who think that by adding large quantities of content to their blog that they are adding value to it however in many cases constantly pouring new posts into their blog and increasing the size of their archives can actually devaluing it by forcing readers to wade through vast quantities of posts to find the ‘gold’ that they are looking for.

I try to post as much “gold” on this site as I can, which is one of the reasons that I have slowed down in my posts about WordPress themes and plugins. I think there are many great ones out there, and I hope to continue to feature them, but there are some great repositories for plugins, and especially themes and so I don’t need to feature every single theme that comes along. I get to feature more of the ones I like and I think you will all like (unless its a slow news day of course).
Great post by Darren, and I think something we bloggers really need to start considering more, so we don’t just end up being frustrated that our hundred posts a month are not making us rich.