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The FeedBurner Top 40

Over on franticindustries they have a list of the top forty blogs according to their FeedBurner subscribers. While it isn’t precise, and he even mentions going about it in an unscientific way, he still releases his results and they are fun to read.
Here is a snippet from his article:

However, FeedBurner, for some reason, isn’t trying to be a popularity measuring tool. They have the data. They have the capabilities. Yet, they’re not maintaining any sort of top list of feeds with the most subscribers. The number of RSS subscribers is not the ultimate way to measure the popularity of a website, but it’s a really important metric. If FeedBurner were to maintain such a top list, it would be at least as important as Technorati and Alexa’s top lists.
Besides waiting for FeedBurner to actually do a top list, the second best thing I could do is to create my own list of top blogs according to their FeedBurner RSS subscriber data. Maybe this experiment encourages the folks at FeedBurner to do the same thing themselves.

And now for the top five from his top forty list:

  • BoingBoing – 397k Readers
  • TechCrunch – 341k Readers
  • Simply Recipes – 212k Readers
  • Interesting Thing of the Day – 99935 Readers
  • 43Folders – 102k Readers

Readers fluctuate, which I assume is why 43Folders has more readers as of my checking it today.
via 901am