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The Five Essential Elements of an Influential Blog

Copyblogger has put up another one of his list posts this time explaining what it takes to be an influential blog, breaking them down into five simple tips, that pretty much everyone can agree with.
1. Simple
2. Unexpected
3. Concrete
4. Credible
5. Story
The last one in my opinion is pretty much the most important one, though you have to follow the others to really make the last one work for you.

Here’s how all of the above is communicated and the emotive element that connects with the reader gets added to the mix. The story of your blog must be simple, have an unexpected hook, reflect concrete benefits and inherently state the credibility of the blog owner, all while triggering an emotional response.
How you say it is important.
But what you say is critical.

Read the details on all the tips as well as a short commentary on it at Copyblogger.