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The FourFourNiner Podcast: Pilot Episode

Chris Garrett, a well known designer and friend of mine has gone ahead and tapped me to join him on his podcast, named the FourFourNiner, where we answer questions relating to blog design, search engine optimization, blogging professionally, WordPress and pretty much anything else related to our expertise that we are asked.
The first episode covers moving from to, as well as securing a blogging related job, CSS books and tutorial sites we enjoy, and a few other things.
I hope you will check it out, and if you have any questions, pop on over to the 449 blog, and leave your questions in the comments area. The first episode is around thirty minutes long, and will probably continue around that length as a weekly release. A huge thanks to Chris for having me on, and I hope to continue joining him as co-host as the show evolves and grows.