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The Role of Passion in Blogging

Over at SEOBOOK, there is a post entitled “The Role of Passion in Marketing”, and it got me thinking more broadly about the subject. Passion on a subject can really make the difference. I watch as certain projects grow to an amazing readership, or viewership all because of the effort, time and passion that the writer or writers put into the site.
If you don’t have a passion for the writing you are doing, find a way to make the shift, so that you are writing about what you love as it will show up in your writing.
When you really want to write about a topic or subject, others can see it. You might not have the best writing abilities, or be able to think up truly original thoughts, but in your presentation of those thoughts, your passion will shine through and people will want to read what you write. They will want to subscribe to your RSS feed to see what you might say next. They will want to comment and start a dialogue with you.
I know this might seem like common sense, but everyone has done a job they did not like. Something that they were not passionate about, and you might still be doing that job, but when you blog, you have to focus on your passions because writing for the sake of making money, will not create a site that can compete with someone writing in the same niche but with a passion you lack.