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The Value of Social Bookmarking Icons

Darren has a post up talking about if it is worth it to display social bookmarking icons. I am sure you have seen them or tried them out. They are little picture links that when clicked allow users to “easily” add your post to social web 2.0 sites.

I guess what I’m saying is that on the majority of my blog posts the icon doesn’t do anything (in fact some would say it might cheapen the look of the site – especially when the counter is low) – however on the occasional post the icon might just give a quality post that doesn’t quite have the legs to go viral a lift that creates a digg-a-lanche.

It is interesting how we throw five, ten, or even twenty of these little images on our site in hopes of getting that extra little bit of traffic. I agree with Darren though that if used well, and sparringly, that they could help tip the scales for your really great articles.
I can’t stress enough though: you don’t need every link for every post!