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Theme Surprises

Ben, the creator of the Tarski theme system, has posted on his experiences thanks to his Tarski theme system.

[I] vowed to fix it at some point. But you know how it is: life is full of happenings, and there are bugs to fix and clients to please and exams to take, and some things get pushed to the back of the queue, or worse yet, forgotten entirely. Which is precisely what happened. Fortunately, at least for my conscience, Tarski has a reasonably big userbase and some amongst them came forward about it.
It’s important to say that they did two things: they raised the issue, and they volunteered to help. This is a game where everyone can win: by bringing up localisation, they put pressure on me to make it easier for them to do something they wanted to do anyway (namely translate the theme). They can then reciprocate by providing their translation to everyone else, which costs them very little effort and gains them the appreciation of their peers (a reward one would do well not to underestimate the value of).

I am so happy to see that a theme creator has had positive feelings from his experience. I have heard others nagging that the community that wants the changes never does anything to help, rather they complain to the creator to fix things. I hope to see more theme creators expressing positive experiences thanks to taking the time and effort into creating a theme for the community at large.
Tarski is one of my favourite themes, and I hope that the community surrounds Ben with more help than he can handle.