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Theme Viewer New Ownership?

Just a week or two ago, new themes were quickly being added to, but now all of that activity has stopped and recent attempts by a few people to get their themes added have gotten no response. It seems the Theme Viewer is no longer being added to by the person known as Shadow.
On the 25th of May on the WordPress support forums he posted this:

Please note that I no longer have anything whatsoever to do with the WordPress Theme Viewer and all theme submissions should now be sent to the new administrator.
So long and thanks for all the fish…

No word yet on who the new owner and operator is yet, but I hope this wonderful resource does not die. Lately it has been getting some heat on it from other theme gallery owners, and I hope that is not why Shadow stepped down.
Many people are hoping that this will also inspire others to go ahead and program their own galleries to replace the theme viewer where many people have had outspoken opinions on what should be added and changed.