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Three eBooks for Branding David Members

Most of you don’t know that I have a consultancy, it is part of how I got the job of writing back on here again. Today, I released three e-books, one of which is available freely, and the other two are available to people that sign up for my private forum.
Someone recently asked me if I intend on selling these e-books seperately, and my response is simple: I hope people sign up to the forum, with the intention of just getting the e-books and end up staying once they see the posts inside the forum.
The three e-books are all about blogging, and the one I am giving away is called Social Media Promotion.
If you’d like to get the other two books, or learn more about all three e-books, please check out my post on Branding David.
I hope you’ll all check it out, and let me know if it was of any help to you.