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Tip: E-mail New Readers

Darren has a new series starting called “31 Days to Building a Better Blog – 2007“, and one of the first pieces of advice he gives is to e-mail new readers. He suggests this as it could help create loyal readers, and if nothing else, it will most likely make them want to return to your blog.

Last time I shared this tip with a fellow blogger they rolled their eyes at me and told me that they didn’t want to find just one more reader for their blog – they wanted hundreds or thousands.
This blogger failed to realize two things:
1. Loyal Readers Spread the Word – I’ve found that in many cases a single reader quickly becomes numerous loyal readers because they like to spread the word. They do this through their own blogs, word of mouth and social networking sites etc.
2. Loyal Readers Build Page Views – One loyal reader can potentially view your blog hundreds (if not thousands) of times. A daily visit from that reader for a year brings an extra 365 page views to your blog. Gain an extra loyal reader every day for a full year and the numbers start to add up.

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