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Tip: Revision Based Image Saving

Lorelle give a great image saving tip today for people looking to do any type of graphic design, including themes for WordPress. Use revisions in your file names, so you never save over your previous work, and it allows you to go back if you hit a dead end.

For example, while working on the Lorelle on WordPress swirl logo, after making a dramatic change to the step-by-step process of designing the logo, I’d save it as logo-v1.pspimage, then logo-v2.pspimage and so on, increasing the number as I go.
At any point in the design development, I can stop and go back to version 4 or 6 and begin the process again if I don’t like where the design is going. If I’ve saved over the original file, I can only undo the changes I’ve made so far back. It helps to have it saved at different steps along the process to make it easier to go back to a part way spot instead of starting over.

A great tip, and one that I don’t heed often enough. I just recently saved over a color variation in a design I was working on, and of course the customer wanted that color set.