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How to Make Your Content Highly Engaging

A simple content engagement strategy for everyone…

Do you feel that your content is generally bland or lacks a certain charm? This could be due to many things, and adding humor might just be the cure.

Other times, though, a lack of engagement could be blamed on subtle, hard-to-spot reasons. This makes it harder to determine exactly why readers are not more receptive.

Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to increase article engagement. In fact, I had already discussed quite a few in the past. Let’s explore even more tactics and implement a winning content engagement strategy for your blog and all future articles.

Acknowledge Subjective Topics…

content engagement strategyHaving a strong opinion is one thing, but you should also state when something is subjective in nature (if necessary).

Let’s say you’re writing about the best times to be productive. Claiming that “all work is best done in the morning” might put off everyone who prefers to work late at night, especially after the kids go to bed.

So, unless something goes without saying, let your readers know that this is only your personal opinion. This makes for a subtle, yet effective content engagement strategy as people can see your perspective more clearly.

Take Your Time (No, Really)

As a content writer, sometimes I have this uncontrollable itch to finish my articles and kick back for the rest of the day. I love the job, but it’s still a job, after all (see? Brutally honest).

But I understand that every job is important, and I’m sure you can agree with that.

If you need a break, sit on the article for a few hours and come back with a fresh mentality when ready. This might allow you to provide all the necessary details without rushing and ultimately delivering subpar content.

It certainly beats publishing a half-finished article that doesn’t compel anyone to share it with their friends…

Don’t Hide

I still see the occasional blog post with the author’s name as none other than “Admin.” That same piece will have a generic blank image in place of an actual author photo, to make matters worse.

I highly suggest you rely on something more substantial and personal, as it helps readers relate more in the long-run.

If you insist of using blank names and photos, at least insert a pen name along with a soothing image that might resonate more with your target audience. If you’re an avid travel blogger, for instance, it’s much better to have a picture of a beautiful beach rather than nothing at all.

Personalization goes a long way and it makes for a great content engagement strategy. Even brands/companies are trying their best to come off as individuals rather than “big bad corporations.” You can often see their human side on social media and their newsletters.

Don’t Overwhelm Readers

We often feel the need to add several links, social sharing options, a video, and a newsletter signup box within a single article.

Doesn’t this strike you as overkill?

Decide what your content’s main goal is instead of throwing everything at the reader. Generally speaking, insert only those things that are absolutely necessary – be it a recommended link or a signup box if your post encourages people to stay in touch.

The amount (and type) of content you throw into an article is both an art and a science. Use your resources wisely.

Your Turn

This very subject can be approached in so many ways that a closer look was undoubtedly warranted. What’s your personal content engagement strategy? Please share your comments below!

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