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Tips for Recovering from Google Page Rank Drop

Darren Rowse of fame has dealt with Google Page Rank increases, and decreases numerous times, and he has now compiled all his thoughts on the loss of Page Rank into a nice article with some important tips.
1. Don’t Panic
2. Wait
3. Analyze/Research
4. Improve Your Site
5. Diversify
6. Contact Google?
7. Reevaluate
With much more detail, Darren, holds your hand and lets you know that everything will be okay if you just keep working hard. He also gives a great bit of detail on his own drops at the start of the article, which I think is the most calming.

Firstly – I feel your pain
Suffering a major fall in traffic as a result of Google changing their ranking algorithm is not a pleasant thing and when you dig around a little you’ll find that most experienced webmasters have experienced it at one time or another. The first time it happened to me my traffic (and income) plummeted to a third of what it was in December of 2004. It hit me hard and almost knocked me out of blogging for money.
The second major hit that I’ve taken happened earlier this month when within the space of a couple of hours the traffic (and income) on my biggest blogs went to one tenth of normal levels and my blogs completely disappeared from Google’s index. Once again it was a fairly frightening experience (although I’d learnt a lot from last time it happened and have diversified my income quite a bit since).

Anyone that can survive having their major sources of income drop to next to nothing and not blow a gasket with Google, deserves a little extra attention when they write an article like this. While his post doesn’t say anything revolutionary, it is a great reminder, and Darren approaches it with his fatherly tone making everything seem all better.
This is one to hold onto when we experience the next major update sometime in January or February.