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Tips for Writing HowTo Blog Posts

howtoIf you are looking for ideas for blog posts, how to blogs can be a great concept. The success of practically oriented blogs/websites like Ehow attest to the fact that people like how to articles. These types of posts immediately capture the reader’s attention with practical information that is useful and easy to follow. You may want to consider creating a blog solely around an instructional concept or you may want to simply include these sorts of posts along with other ones in a the blog you have. The following are some tips for creating great step by step blog posts:

Keep Steps Reasonable Length

Often how to blogs are arranged as a series of steps. These steps may or may not be numbered or be in bullet form, but regardless arranging them as steps to be read sequentially tends to work well as an approach. This allows the reader to move through the steps in order, perhaps even as they are undertaking the task in question, and get a good clear sense of how to proceed. If you had a blog about IT recruiting services, then the length of each blog post could be rather 700-800 words.

It is important to keep these steps short and to the point. These do not need to be as short as two or three sentences, though this can be effective, but they probably shouldn’t be composed of many long rambling paragraphs. Keep them concise and somewhere between a few sentences and a paragraph in length.

Find out what People want to Know how to Do

If you’re looking for something to write a how to blog about and traffic is what you’re after, you’re going to need to find out what people would most like to know how to do. You can either consider skills you yourself have and in which you think others would like to be instructed, or you can try to fin d popular skill/activities that are current and popular. You might want to do internet searches on the phrase “how to” or that term along with various others and see which pages are popular.

Of course, the most popular subjects will present a lot of competition, so gauge accordingly. If you feel you can rank well in search engines through SEO and so forth for a particular topic, you may want to check out a very popular one. If, however, you would like to be up against less competition, you may want to seek niches. This may in fact be a very good strategy – find a more obscure skill and you will have a much easier time ranking in search engines for it. Either way, try to find skills that seem to be of either current interest or a general ongoing interest.

Read Other “How To” Blogs on the Topic

You may want to read other how to blogs on the same topic in order to get a sense of whether you can improve on it and just to fill in your knowledge about it. This will help you to create the most thorough blog possible and put your how to articles into context. You may want to find background information or parts that other bloggers have left out and make a point of including them in your blog.

Consider Including Pictures/Video

Pictures and/or video can really make your how to blog posts sparkle. They can help make the content more clear and easy to discern as well as give your blog a fun, professional, and engaging appearance. They are usually quite easy to embed in your blog content so consider this option.

Use Examples

It’s often a good idea to use concrete examples in a how to blog. An illustration makes the content more vivid and interesting to read. For instance if you were writing about how to build a certain type of furniture, you might want to spice up the content by creating a hypothetical woodworking character named Joe building a specific item in his garage. This personalizes the content and makes it easier for readers to identify with.