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Tips that Photobloggers Need to Bring in Their Online Journey

Are you an amateur photo blogger or someone thinking about starting a photography blog? If you have a knack for photography, the best way to share your work is with a blog. It is more profitable to promote your work than post pictures on Flickr. Blogging, however, is not always as easy as taking photographs. There will be a few things you need to learn along the way. Here are several useful tips that will get you started on your photo blogging journey:

Start with a Clear Set of Goals

Even if a photo blog generates buzz at the start, things can easily go stale without a clear set of goals. So, before you begin, understand why you want to launch a photo blog. Do you just want to share random pictures? That’s not a viable plan for a long-term profitable photo blog. You may want to think about focusing on the theme of your blog, a structure and perhaps a marketing plan. Without goals or a plan, your photo blog will be just another one among thousands of others.

Link Blog to Instagram

Instagram is the best social platform for generating buzz around your photos. You may already have a successful Instagram account. If so, explicitly link your blog to the Instagram account to drive traffic between the two sites. You can easily attract interested users on Instagram and redirect them to your blog. So don’t overlook this opportunity. Even if you currently have a lackluster Instagram feed, take steps to boost the following. Once you increase Instagram followers, you will have more people coming to check out your photo blog.

Keep Your Blog Regularly Updated

This may sound like a no-brainer. But a surprising number of blogs go for days or even weeks without showing any new activity. According to the data published by Technorati, a traffic analysis firm, in 2008, 95 percent of all blogs were not updated for 120 days. Inactive blogs lose followers as they flee to new and interesting blogs. So, do take some time to keep your blog updated regularly. Even if you don’t have any exciting new photos to post, you can post interesting and relevant links to other sites, such as news sites. Do everything you can to keep your blog updated and active.

Focus on a Niche

As mentioned above, generic blogs don’t attract much attention. So, try to concentrate on a niche interest to drive traffic to your site. For example, Humans of New York was a massively popular photo blog, where the owner wanted to post pictures and short stories of everyday lives of New Yorkers. If the blog had been simply about photos taken in New York, it would never have been as popular. So, try to find a niche for the work that you do and build your photo blog around that idea.

Last but not least, do engage with your audience. It’s not simply enough to drive traffic to your site; you have to retain that traffic. Readers stay loyal if the blogger takes steps to engage with them routinely. This is not that hard. Replying to comments and launching an email campaign will suffice.

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