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Four Fundamental Tips to Maximize Blogging Success

Look up “Blogging tips” on Google and you will be met with endless results to help you maximize blogging success. However, many of these don’t necessarily apply in every single situation (such as having to publish every single day, for example).

Today I’d like to discuss some fundamental strategies that should be implemented into any given niche. Of course, there’s so much more that goes into blogging, but these should form the basis for any subject and market you decide to tackle in the future.

Let’s get started.

Don’t Focus Solely on Passion

If you read the discussions found on any blogging community, “following your passion” is a common and widely accepted advice. And although there’s a lot of truth to this statement, it doesn’t mean you should simply approach any given passion blindly.

Sadly, certain passions won’t yield a whole lot of success in the long-run. You should ideally perform some market research through keyword analysis, ongoing trends, and by assessing the topic’s overall popularity online and offline.

I have seen several cases where bloggers are forced to abandon an idea simply because nobody existed to absorb the content. If giving up isn’t an option, at least implement certain categories that are loosely related to your target demographic to help expand your reach.

Don’t Focus Solely on Money

maximize blogging successLikewise, focusing primarily on the money often results in long-term failure. However, it is possible to achieve and maximize blogging success if you approach the subject with a strategy in mind…

If you’re mostly into video games but discover there’s more money in the vehicle insurance niche, do you honestly see yourself maintaining that blog without burning out?

Approaching the subject “with a strategy” might mean outsourcing a lot of the legwork until the blog becomes more or less profitable.

Click here to read many of the things you can outsource as a blogger. Succeeding in an unfamiliar niche is very possible; it’s all about knowing when you need help.

Case in point: Combine money and passion whenever possible, unless someone can assist you in the process.

Don’t Get too Scattered

There’s a common theme among many bloggers: We have made the mistake of focusing on too many websites at once. This is perhaps the biggest curse creative people have to endure, as our heads are constantly filled with new ideas and curiosities.

Perhaps you were reading an ordinary discussion in a forum and, seemingly out of nowhere, your next big idea was born. Other times you’re trying to sleep when a brand new (and highly exciting) niche comes to your head…

This excitement leads you to purchase a domain, slap WordPress on it, and start working on content. Then, roughly three months later, a new idea hits your head once again and you abandon the old one because, well, it feels like yesterday’s news.

Does this sound like you? Either now or at some point in the past?

These days my focus is squarely placed on no more than two ideas at a time. If I am desperately itching to try something new, I try to outsource some of my existing daily tasks and rework my to-do list accordingly.

Educate Yourself

As I compile an ongoing list of blogs that accept guest posts, I have come to notice something really disturbing. Many sites only want brand new (previously unpublished) content for one of the following reasons, according to their admin:

  • Google supposedly hates duplicate content
  • Google will supposedly penalize them if you submit an existing article
  • Google supposedly views such articles as spam

Myths like these can keep you from achieving greatness, depending on the subject/situation in question.

Thus, strive to educate yourself by looking up answers from highly authoritative sources – and most importantly – rely on multiple venues rather than a single one.

In fact, if you ever question any claim online, feel free to talk about it directly on the Google support forums and other authoritative communities (simultaneously). Then compare the multiple answers you will undoubtedly receive and come to a logical conclusion.

Your Turn

What other recipes do you live by to maximize blogging success? Please share your best tips in the comments section.

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