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Seven Tips to Help You Work More Efficiently

Work more efficiently. Do more with your day.

Are you the type of blogger or freelancer that does way too much work in one day? While your accomplishments (and income) are undoubtedly nice, there’s no denying that some efficiency goes a very long way.

After all, why needlessly work an extra 3-5 hours per day or week? Today I’d like to explore some ways to work more efficiently from home.

Note: Everyone works differently, so many of these tips are subjective. That said, you can still tweak these according to your personal tastes and needs.

Plan Out Your Meetings (If Possible)

how to increase work efficiencySometimes meetings are part of your job description, especially as a busy freelancer. If you happen to call the shots, arrange for these interactions to take place consecutively.

This would also require you to stay on topic in an effort to get off the phone/chat in a timely fashion, just in time for the next one.

Same Goes for Everything Else…

Perform similar tasks in batches by breaking them down, rather than returning to each one throughout the day.

For example, let’s say that you need to write two articles today. If these need images and external links, gather them all at once rather than postponing the rest for later.

Following the same rules for other tasks may help you keep a better flow while minimizing disruptions and distractions.

Hack Your Online Activities

Simply put, leverage the many things available through web browser extensions and WordPress plugins. For example:

Install a dictionary extension to learn the meaning of a word merely by highlighting it.

Use the bookmarks bar to save your most frequently-used pages. This is available for Chrome, Firefox, and others (third-party extensions may be required).

Create a free iGHome account, allowing you to access an unlimited amount of website RSS feeds from one screen. Now you can research multiple sources with ease.

Install the Pixabay Images plugin for WordPress. This allows you to insert pictures into your posts directly from your blog.

There tons of additional apps to help you work more efficiently, so this might require its own, standalone article.

Plan Your Day in Advance

This is a classic suggestion, but it works wonders. Take 20 minutes before bed (or perhaps while watching TV) to write down everything you must do the next day.

Planning also includes more tangible things, such as knowing what you’re going to wear depending on the situation at hand.

Leverage Your Most Productive Time

Studies suggest that the average person is most productive during the first two hours of their day. This, of course, varies and does not apply to everyone.

Needless to say, assess your most productive hours and take full advantage – even if you have to ignore everything else. This brings me to my next point…

Don’t Be So Generous

Let’s face it: A lot of people love to bother when you work from home. They sometimes devalue your time and don’t fully understand that “working from home” is actually a thing.

Unfortunately, we (workers) love to be nice and comply. Thus, one of the best ways to work more efficiently is to put your foot down.

Set a work schedule just like everyone else. Now, I don’t mean that you should be completely unavailable depending on the situation at hand; for the most part, though, non-essential interruptions can (and should) definitely wait.

Focus on Your Strengths

I used to write for clients I wasn’t comfortable with. I used to cover subjects that were relatively out of my league. Writing them felt like a pain and took me way longer than necessary.

Then it hit me: I can always drop/replace them for something within my area of expertise.

Again, this advice is purely subjective and sometimes you may need to deal with difficult tasks. You may have a large family to support and/or the money is simply too good to pass up….

My point is, however, that you shouldn’t settle **IF** there is absolutely no need for it. In fact, try to delegate/outsource any non-essential tasks as well as those you’re not very familiar with. Why have seven things on your to-do list when you can bring them down to four?

As a blogger, this could be as simple as having someone answer daily emails, process payments and membership cancellations. Look into everything that goes on in your business and act accordingly.

Your Turn

This article only scratches the surface, so I’d like to hear from you. What little tricks and hacks are you implementing to work more efficiently?

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