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Translate WordPress

Matt knew that getting running in every language imaginable would be an immense undertaking or very expensive, so the Automattic team came up with a great way to translate the WordPress administration panel, and some information in themes: It is not all pretty yet from what I can see, but it could just be the dial-up internet I am stuck on today.
The idea of Translate is simple, have a community of people sign up and translate words into the languages they know. This allows people who are bilingual in a myriad of languages to take a few minutes out of their day to help contribute to translating WordPress.

Here’s how it works. If you speak English and another language and go to the site and sign in, then it’ll ask you to pick your preferred language. Once you do, you’ll be able to start submitting translations for the different strings it shows you. The easiest way to dive in is to click “Random Translation” and it will bring up a random string for you to translate into your chosen language. If you’re not sure about it, or it has code you don’t understand, just click “skip” and it will give you another.
That’s it! We’ll review the translation and then periodically push it live to for everyone to enjoy. Everything is tied to your user account so we know who to thank and credit for different contributions.

A very smart idea, and I hope people take advantage of it. You will be contributing to WordPress in a way that will let many others access it easier.