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Translating WordPress Plugins

Lorelle talks about translation options on her blog, including some great plugins to translate your content, but all of them use machine translation, meaning the translated text is not very good, as it is translated word by word, and not in the context of the sentence, but if you need to translate your content, Lorelle covers the best plugins to do it.

Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro For WordPress Blogs is also popular for translating your WordPress Plugin. It provides provides automatic machine translation of your blog in thirteen different languages – German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Swedish, Greek, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.
Translated pages are cached, which means they are stored as “semi-static” pages to speed future loading and cut back on database demands. It is also available as a WordPress Widget. It works with curl (if available) or without curl support (uses fopen).
However, unlike many WordPress Plugins, Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro costs USD $30 to download. This includes six months free technical support and free lifetime upgrades. If you are serious about providing dedicated translation options, this is an inexpensive way to open your blog up to the world.

I have tried the Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro and can attest to it being easy to use, but providing content in other languages via machine translation, which of course isn’t perfect. A great post though, and a great start on translating your WordPress blog. Check out Lorelle’s post for more information.