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Trimming Startup Fat: Performancing Metrics to Go

Over on Performancing’s site they have mentioned that their biggest drain on resources is Metrics, their pro-grade blog analytics service, and so it is the first to go as they start focusing on what they consider important.

The biggest pull on company resources is Metrics. Our pro-grade blog analytics service. It currently has around 16,000 registered blogs using it, and though it’s cool, it’s not producing.
There is no other blog analytics program out there that can scale as Metrics was built to. I remember MeasureMap showing signs of buckling under just a few hundred users but it takes a lot of bandwidth, and 3 very high grade servers to run the current system.
At this stage, and in the current climate of “free” everything, I’m neither prepared to put ads on it nor charge for it — What’d I’d like to do, is to give Metrics to the community by making it Open Source, or sell Metrics to a company with more financial resources that could continue to develop it, and benefit from the usebase.
We’ll decide for sure in the next week or so, but our current hosting agreement ends mid december and the decision has been taken to not move Metrics over to the new servers in it’s current state.
I will let you know more about this when the details are finalized. If anyone has ideas of what to do with Metrics, then please post here, or contact me privately ast

I am totally shocked by this move. I figured with their new inclusion of an advertisement service, Metrics and their advertisement service could go hand in hand, and really bring in some people as a great one, two punch to make them more attractive than other advertisers, but I guess what did I know?
If you use Performancing’s Metrics service, keep an eye on their site, as your information might be transitioning to another company if they do sell the popular service.