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Truths and Consequences of Blogs That Stand Out

Lorelle should work on an ultimate guide to Blogs and Blogging. A recent post of hers with the same name as this post is just absolutely amazing. It goes over the things that popular blogs have to deal with. She takes it from the perspective of traffic, visual identity, and content.
Warning: It is a long read, but worth it, especially if you are just getting into blogging, or are looking to understand blogging better.

I’ve been traveling a lot recently, desperately scanning radio stations as the vehicle moved across thousands of miles. I have an auto search function that plays a few seconds of music before moving on to the next strong signal, stopping only when I push the button again. I would cringe as loud, unharmonic music would assault my ears for those few seconds, and then sigh with relaxation when something I enjoyed came through, and press the button to halt it there on that station.
So it goes with blog content. If the content being served up meets your interest at the moment, gives you the information you need and are seeking, challenges your thinking, inspires and motivates you, then you will find it, spend some time there, and possibly return. If it is really good, you will return over and over again to find out what is new, addicted to the material.

Read the full post at Lorelle on WordPress and don’t forget to check your blog against the tips, tricks and list in the article, you might just realize you are missing something that will take you to that next level online.