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Turn Your Old Blog Post Into…an Audio Podcast


This post is the third part of the Turn Your Old Blog Post into series where we share tips and advice on how to recycle old posts that youve written on your blog into someone better to increase your traffic.

Podcasting is a great way to establish your authority within your niche as a subject matter expert by discussing news, trends, and tips to your target audience. While podcasting sharesthe same goals withblogging, theadvantage of a podcast over a blog post are as follows:

  • Easy-to-digest form of content. Instead of reading the content as with a post, users can simply grabthe file and play it while doing something else. This is especially true with audio podcasts, where users can listen tothe track on their smartphones while traveling to and from work or doing menial tasks.
  • Better way to communicate your ideas.If you are a non-writer, you may find it difficultto show your enthusiasm about thetopic you’re discussing in theblog post. This may reflect poorly on your communication skills, which makes it harder for you to achieve your blogging goals. However, if you feel much more comfortable in talkingthan writing, then podcasting is the ideal platform for you.

Given the reasons above, you should recreate your old blog posts that weren’t able to generate traffic and engagement from your audience as expected into an audio podcast!

Learn more about podcasts

To start off, you need to understand thatthe process of creating an audio podcast is drastically different than writing a post.Sinceyour intention is to translate the ideas and content from your old blog post , you should listen to some of the most popular podcasters in blogging and digital marketing to get a better idea how to approach podcasting.

One of the most popular podcasters is Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income. He has developed a dedicated following by providingpeople who are looking to start up a business online with valuabletips and advice inhis podcasts. Below is one of his episodeshosted in SoundCloud.

Develop your process in creating your podcasts

Just like with any type of content, you will need to develop aneditorial calendar or something similar so you can space them out equally in your publishing schedule. Since you will be recycling old posts, you can categorize each post and setthem in your calendar a month in advance so you cangive yourself time creating them.

Don’t just read your post and convert it into a sound file – it will best if you adapt thecontent of your blog postthat’s suitable to turn into an audio podcast. The embedded example above should serve as your template or model when creating your own.

Use the right tools

Onceyou have created a method and publishing schedule in turning your posts into podcasts, you will need to choose from the best tools – free or paid – to use in order to create them. Theseinclude the microphone, editing, noise reduction, and collaboration softwareto use inorder to achieve the best sound quality of your podcast, which lends to better and more effective communication of your ideas.

Upon creating the podcast, you will need to find the appropriate podcast hosting servicewhere you can upload thefiles. Almost all of the sites in the list offer free and paid options, but those who register for afree account will only get to enjoy limited privileges.

Assuming that this will be your first time to do a podcast, it would be ideal that you try out the free tools first to get acquainted with the process of podcasting. Once you have successfully built dedicated listenersusing thiscontentplatformin recreating your blog posts,this will only be the time when you shouldupgrade your tools and services to provide better sound quality and publishing capabilities for them.

Questions:How were yourexperiences in creating podcasts out of your old blog post? Are you using particular tools that you’d like to share to us? Let your voices be heard by commenting below!

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