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Turn Your Old Blog Post Into…a Video File

This post is the fourth part of the “Turn Your Old Blog Post into…” series where we share tips and advice on how to recycle old posts that you’ve written on your blog into someone better to increase your traffic.


Video marketing is arguably the best and most effective content marketing strategy you can implement on your blog to meet your online goals – whether it’s to drive more traffic or increase sales of your products or services.

Consider these eye-popping statistics from the Small Business Video Marketing Guide by Digital Sherpa:

  • 75% of users who viewed your video will visit your website
  • There is a 74% increase in knowledge of your products and services after viewing your video
  • 80% of users will watch the video while 20% will read the entire content

If you are not familiar of these facts before, among others mentioned here, then you should definitely harness the potential of video marketing to your business. Aside from incorporating this into your content strategy, you can begin by turning your old blog post into videos!

Why turn blog posts into videos?

If your blog has published hundreds and thousands of posts, there will be a couple of posts in there that didn’t generate the traffic they deserved. Instead of continuously promoting the same post in the hopes of driving more visitors and awareness to them, you can just repurpose them into a different type of content.

In the form of video, you can enjoy the benefits of increased viewership, brand awareness, and customers down the line.

How to turn blog posts into articles?

Bloggers may find it inconvenient to learn the skill of turning written content into a video. However, if you’re serious in making the most out of your blog, then follow the different and easy to follow methods below.

Method #1: Turn post into slideshow first

We have covered the process of turning your post into a slide deck at “Turn Blog Post Into…a Slideshow.”

Once you have created the presentation, you can turn it into a video using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and later versions.

While using a stock mic is a good start just so you can get your feet wet with regard to creating videos, make sure to use the best microphones in the long run so you can record your voiceover with clarity. Once done, you can upload the video file to video hosting sites like Youtube and others.

Method #2: Use third-party services

There are websites that help bloggers turn their posts into video. Three of the more popular ones are as follows:

  • Wibbitz – One of App Store’s Best of 2013, Wibbitz automatically summarizes the posts in your blog in video format. As with auto-generated tools, Wibbitz has its limitations. However, the video created by this tool is great for mobile viewing. More info on how to use this tool can be found here.
  • Google Hangouts – Arguably the most efficient way to create a personalized video, Google Hangouts lets you record yourself using a camera and invite people as you present your blog post in video format. Interaction with the guests is also possible in Hangouts for a more dynamic presentation. However, if you simply want to create the video without any guests, you can do so as well and upload it directly into your Youtube channel. Here’s a link to the best practices of using Google Hangouts.
  • Screencast-o-matic – If you are repurposing a how-to postm then Screencast-o-matic is a good choice for you. Below is a video by Ileane Smith on how to use this tool properly:

How To Use Screencast-o-matic To Make YouTube… by MsIleaneSpeaks

Additional resources:

  • SEO is an important aspect of video marketing if you want your videos to be found on search engines. You can simply follow the guide we featured at “How Blogging Retailers Can Improve Online Video SEO.” (While the article is geared towards online retailers, the SEO tips shown there apply to all video marketers.)
  • To add more personality to your videos, you can include music to them. Since you can’t use copyright and licensed music, you can simply download free stock music from these sites and find the appropriate ones for your videos.

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