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TypePad Integrates Technorati Tags

TypePad, a Six Apart product (the same people that make Movable Type), have added Technorati tag integration into their blogging software.
They have also redesigned their TypePad site just like Technorati and how they changed theirs recently.

Finally, we threw another “most wanted” feature into the release as well. You can now easily add Technorati Tags to your blog posts. While Technorati has always treated TypePad’s categories as tags in their tag search, you can now go beyond categories and add additional labels to your posts. So, for example, you might file your review of Miami Vice in the “Movies” category, but tag it with the additional labels Miami Vice, Michael Mann and genius. Check out our Knowledge Base article “Using Technorati with TypePad” for details on how you can customize the display of your Compose page to add Technorati tags to your posts.

Sounds like this should be great for TypePad users, and also it is something that WordPress should support out of the box in my opinion.