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Use WordPress Like Tumblr

Jeffro from Jeffro2pt0 has posted an interesting WordPress plugin that allows you to use WordPress a little more like Tumblr. The plugin is called QuickPosts and quickly gives you many of the same features you would be used to in a Tumblr site.

The plugin is called QuickPost and was developed by a company called Twelve Horses. After downloading, installing, then activating the plugin, you’ll have to go into the QuickPost options area and select a default category for each bookmarklet tab.
Thanks to this plugin, I’m seriously considering disbanding my Tumblr account and using this blog as my Tumbelog and everything else blog. After all, lifestreaming seems to be where everything is headed so perhaps setting the site up this way allows me to get a head start on the trend.

Definitely one worth checking out, and the comments hold some great help on getting things to work well.