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Using the “Read More” Feature: Good or Bad?

A reader asked Darren Rowse,, what his take on using the “read more” rather than posting full texts on the front page of the blog.
I have never really thought about how this could effect a blog or its readers. Long content gets a “read more” link, and shorter content doesn’t need it. I usually don’t use the extended entry feature, as I don’t want to force my readers to click any more than they have to.
Darren has a slightly different take, as he uses it in many places.

The reason I use the extended entry feature is not to increase my earnings but rather to keep some order to the front page of my blogs.
I like readers who come to my blog to be able to quickly be able to see titles to the last two or three entries that I’ve made. I publish a lot of longer posts on many of my blogs and to have them appear in full on the front page of my blogs would mean that there would be a lot of scrolling down needed to view the last few entries.

The thing of it is, that if people liked these truncated entries, then why is there all this hype about partial versus full feeds. Will we see a smaller battle for partial versus full content on the actual blog pages? Or does the feed war have more to do with being able to syndicate the content or read it offline?