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VideoPress adds HD Video Support

There’s finally HD video support for sites with VideoPress. A lot of the videos have gone HD, and it’s spreading like wildfire.
Here’s what the blog there has to say about it.

With the video upgrade (available on your upgrades page, bottom left of dashboard navigation) when you upload a video of almost any format we’ll crunch it into several different formats just right for streaming on the web, DVD quality, HD quality, and even optimized for iTunes and Miro.
Videos can be streamed and embedded here on or on any site around the world, even in full HD.

The HD features (along with custom stats and a host of other video related features) will run you $5/month, but for people making and posting their own videos, it could well be worth it for the added quality and speed of using a WordPress based service instead of YouTube or the other HD capable video hosts.
Here’s a sample from the post about the upgrade on the blog. Go to full-screen in HD mode for the full effect.