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Vox: Like MySpace or Typepad?

Vox is a service by the same people that made Typepad and Movable Type. It is a mix between a social networking service and a blogging application.
The Blog Herald says:

If one were to remove the ugliness from MySpace, add in the simplicity of Google as well as the rich features of Yahoo!, you would end up with Six Apart’s new kid on the block, Vox.

Posting content seems to be the main focus of Vox as it comes with a WYSIWYG editor and allows you to post video’s from YouTube and iFilm, or images from Flickr and other such services.
Another interesting upside to Vox over MySpace or other such sites is the lack of advertisements that we have all become used to, leaving more room on the page for your content.
The biggest downside is that you have to get an invite currently to access the service. Some people have mentioned that the invites are flowing faster and faster, but it still can take a bit of work to get in and use the service, while competitors keep theirs open for any user to register.
The service should last thanks to being part of Six Apart’s group of tools, but how well it can compete is something worth watching. I, personally, don’t think that it will ever have Facebook, or MySpace type numbers.