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Want to build Traffic? Here Are Some Tips. has a great post up today about how to gain some traffic to your blog.
It’s get some really good advice on what you should (and shouldn’t) be doing to build up some traffic.
Here’s a small taste of one of the tips…

Why social bookmarking traffic is bad for my blog?
Social bookmarking traffic is very smart. If you are trying to make money with contextual ads like Adsense, for example, you will notice that such traffic will covert very poorly, if at all..
And why is social bookmarking traffic is good for my blog?
This is no brainer. More traffic means people like your content. Just imagine even if 1% of those visitors link to your article from their blog. Also imagine if 1% of of those people visiting your blog for the first time become your subscribers.

The tips are all pretty good (especially the stuff to avoid), so if you’re struggling to get traffic coming to your blog, or you just want to build it up a little faster than it should make some interesting reading.
Any great traffic building tips you think they missed or are wrong about?
Now I’m off to bug everyone in my family to visit this blog(that’s a joke, read the tips!).