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Want to Redesign

Jeremy Wright, whom you might know from b5media, has asked for the community to step in and give him a hand redesigning his personal blog, He is not asking for a hand-out, but instead a great designer that won’t break the pocketbook.
From his blog:

So this design’s been up for awhile. It was only ever meant to be a stop-gap solution, but it really did become permanent. Ah well.
I’m thinking now’s the time for a change. New year, new job, funded company and the old design’s starting to feel a little tired.
So, anyone interested in helping redesign Ensight? I’m thinking a budget of 500-750$ is probably appropriate given my pocketbook. I’ll try not to be too demanding, and I’ll try to be clear on my thoughts… But I really do suck as a client. That said, I do actually have a list of requirements already so it might actually be a really easy project.
Just drop me an email ( if you’re interested 🙂

So if you are interested, contact him, and show him what you got. You would be contributing to a really great site.