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6 Surefire Ways to Drive Traffic with Instagram


Instagram Traffic at Your Fingertips…

Ever tried ways to drive traffic with Instagram but failed? Although people use it primarily for fun, smart bloggers rely on it to drive their business forward every single day. With Instagram’s new algorithm, increasing engagement has been harder, especially for those who use it as a marketing tool.

Aside from the obvious “comment and interact with others” tip, let’s explore other effective tips to make Instagram work for you.

Use Keywords Wisely

Refrain from creating a generic username. While this won’t make or break you, using a niche keyword will help some users find you with ease.

If you run a website about video game memes, for example, use a related word/phrase as your username and insert it within your bio as well. It’s all about maximizing your chances of being found.

Speaking of maximizing your bio….

drive traffic with instagram

Make Your User Bio Count

For better or worse, we have entered an era where being witty and clever means business, and not just figuratively. Ensure your profile is exceptionally interesting (humor never hurts) and refrain from including things that your audience doesn’t really care about.

Moreover, insert your website’s URL in its respective field to ensure interested users make the click when necessary. All it takes now is reaching a niche following, which we’ll get to in a bit.

Use a Strong Call to Action

drive traffic with instagram

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It’s no secret that a call to action should be used in every business, and this works wonders as a way to drive traffic with Instagram.

Don’t be afraid of telling people what to do within your images. Upload the occasional picture urging users to check out what you have to offer, (such as signing up to your new contest or any other interesting idea you have going).

Although you cannot include clickable images or URLs, you should tell users to “Click the link in our bio” to direct them to your landing page (as this is the only clickable link allowed).

Keeping your images interesting is key; I personally suggest using graphic design services like Desygner to make your Instagram marketing efforts stand out.

Get Creative with Images

Focus on creating images that drive interaction through open-ended and fun questions. This is a surefire way of getting everyone involved and making you irresistibly addictive on Instagram.

Here are some examples of questions/sentences you can embed within your images:

  • Name the worst song by your favorite band (the most popular wins you a cookie)
  • Replace the first word of your favorite movie with “Abusing.” What’s the movie about now?
  • If XYZ movie played backwards, what would it be about?

These things work wonders on social media because everyone wants to have the wittiest, funniest answer. Not to mention everyone else would have a smile on their faces reading every other response.

Make Your Posts Savable

With Instagram hiding their likes, Instagram saves have been the newest measure in terms of engagement. Moreover, the more “saves” a post gets, the more visible it is on people’s feeds. So make sure that the images you are posting on Instagram are ones that people would save and get back to.

Sample posts would be something like checklists, bucket lists, or even tips! (Of course, don’t forget to put a call to action to remind your readers to save!)

Maximize Your Instagram Stories

It’s a known fact that one of the best ways to get engagement and traffic from your followers by being interactive. Instagram stories are one of the best ways to do that, specifically, the stickers. The app has a number of stickers that can help initiate a conversation with your followers such as the Question sticker, Quiz sticker, and the Countdown sticker.

Another thing you can do with your Instagram stories is to encourage your followers to share your posts on their stories. You can do this by – as mentioned before – getting creative with your images. These posts could be infographics, memes, quotes and more – anything that your followers would want to share to their followers. By doing this, you are able to market your brand through the help of your followers!

Use Instagram #Hashtags Wisely

how to use instagram hashtags

Hashtags basically categorize your image post and groups it with other people’s posts that also used the same one.

Readers depend on finding things through hashtags all the time, so it’s important that your image uses them. Thankfully, Instagram also suggests trending tags so you won’t have to rely on guessing. Use anywhere from five to seven tags per image, although this number is largely subjective.

However, don’t just use random hashtags. You need to understand which hashtags drives more engagement and impressions on your post. You can do this by looking at your Instagram Insights to see each hashtag performs. The more it impressions it has, the more traffic you can get on your account!

The Longer the Caption, the Better

This may go against everything we know about social media writing but hear me out. One of the criteria for performance on Instagram’s latest algorithm is how time is spent on a post. An Instagram post can contain 2,200 words and the simplest way to increase time spent on a post is to write longer captions. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should put an essay in your post. Just put a few sentences that your followers will surely be interested in and you’re good to go.

Be a Tease

The concept of “coming soon” announcements have never failed. This is the very reason movie trailers are always exciting. If you have a mega post coming up, post an image along with accompanying text announcing your pending entry.

For a movie review, you could say something among the lines of, “Batman v Superman Releases Today – Stay Tuned For Our Full Review!” Then, of course, post an additional update once your post goes live (while using the call to action method described earlier).

Final Thoughts

Of course, to get the best results out of all these tips is to experiment. Experiment with your content and your schedule. The only way to know what works and what doesn’t work with your Instagram is through trial and error. While it may not produce results at the start, this experimentation will be beneficial in the long run. Try posting memes, infographics, videos; experiment with your stories and IGTV or even with your filters – try doing something new and see if it increases your engagement.

Additionally, it is only through experimentation that you will know the best times for posting on your account. Try posting at different times, monitor and constantly check your Insights to know when’s the best time and what are the best content you need to post on your account.

This visual social network may not be very URL-friendly, which admittedly discourages many bloggers from using it. But you can still drive traffic with Instagram by being just a little creative and wonderfully consistent.

What other techniques are you currently employing on the popular platform?

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