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Weblogger Meetup

I just attended my second Weblogger Meetup last night. If you have an interest, there is probably a group on Meetup in your area with the same interest. Some groups are huge, others are small. The Ottawa Weblogger Meetup has only been around for a little while, but last night, there was around thirteen of us sitting around and talking about blogging and all of the things surrounding blogging. It was very interesting as we all sat around in a pub, a wide range of backgrounds talking about the things we were interested in, attempting to keep the focus on blogging.
If you are having a bad case of blogging burnout, talking to others about their experiences with blogging can be quite invigorating. If you have never joined a Meetup group, you just have to go to, search for what you are interested in and where you are willing to go to participate, and then register an account and join the group. It is very easy.
Anyone else have experience with Meetup Groups, or in particular, meeting other bloggers, be it in a Meetup group or other event?
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