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Little Known Websites to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Popular websites….for everything else

There’s no such thing as “enough websites” to find freelance writing jobs. If you’re a freelance writer, chances are you visit great sources like the Blogging Pro job board on a regular basis.

While the usual suspects are always quite helpful, it’s also nice to keep tabs on other sources that are somewhat underrated for landing writing gigs.

The following websites are wildly popular in general, but are sometimes overlooked for writing-related purposes.

Let’s get started…


Reddit is generally seen as a place for fun, a time waster to dig into whenever you have little else to do. Did you know, however, that avid writers and editors are successfully finding gigs on the platform every single day?

For those unfamiliar, Reddit is composed of many “Sub-reddits” which are essentially forums about any given subject. This has led to the creation of several gig-based “subs” where clients go to post new writing gigs. Likewise, workers are free to advertise their expertise for clients to find them.

The main freelancing sub-reddits include:

For Hire

Hire a Writer

Writers for Hire

Freelance Writing Jobs

I had published a post in 2015 advertising my writing services and received three offers within 48 hours. And that was merely from one sub as opposed to several.

Warrior Forum

The Warrior Forum is primarily a place for digital marketers, although they host various sections for other professions as well. One such section is dedicated to clients looking for freelancers, as well as the latter seeking the former. This makes for an underrated, yet amazing source to find freelance writing jobs.

I constantly see talented freelance writers asking for work over there, and prospects tend to show interest within 2-5 days depending on the type of work at hand.

While you do have to pay a small fee to advertise yourself, you can make this money back in no time by landing merely one client.

Inspect a few posts from others and see what generally works. State your experience clearly, as well as your availability and a reasonable fee.

Digital Point Forum

find freelance writing jobs

Much like the Warrior Forum, Digital Point is a well-established source for all things digital marketing and other professions. This place also has its own section to sell your writing services and to look for writing work.

Many of the gigs provided by clients are not great, as it’s quite common for them to pay one cent per word. However, you will also find decent work available and (again) be able to post an ad asking for a more appropriate rate.


Twitter shares a similar reputation as Reddit, but this place can be a goldmine for finding new writing gigs. After all, people from all walks of life post new updates 24/7 on the platform; publishing writing-related work is almost as common as posting cat pictures and random quotes.

Simply enter some creative #hashtags into the main Search field, such as #writerswanted, #contributors or simply #writers.

You will often see direct gigs as well as articles that compile a list of places to write, such as “Travel magazines that pay #writers $300 or more.”

Otherwise, you may also follow certain Twitter accounts to find freelance writing jobs, as these show you new gigs on a daily basis. A notable example here is “Write Jobs.”


Facebook, like the rest on this list, can be a highly lucrative place for writers if you put the platform to good use.

Head over to the main Search field and search for writing-related keywords such as “Writing jobs” or “For writers.” You will be met with hundreds of groups and pages dedicated to all things writing, many which post new gigs every single day.

I personally recommend following more “Groups” than “Pages,” as these are often better maintained by the community. In addition, I suggest that you become a part of (at least) five Groups to maximize your success.

Bonus: Other sources include this robust list of remote writing jobs and these websites like TextBroker.


Do you have any other little known website to find freelance writing jobs? Please share them below.

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