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What Can You Do With WordPress MU?

Andrea of WPMUTutorials, has a guest post over on WPTavern about what you can do with WordPress MU.
Here’s a little preview…

With the recent news coming out of WordCamp San Fransisco, and even the buzz from WordCamp RDU, interest is high in WordPressMU, the multi-blog version of single WordPress. We don’t know when, exactly, the merge of the two will be rolled into one package and released, but more code is being blended almost every day.
In case you haven’t checked out WordPressMU, not only is it the software that powers, and has a much talked about plugin suite called BuddyPress, it is flexible enough to power multiple blogs on separate domains.

She goes on to explain some of the benefits of using WordPress MU (and soon, just WordPress in general), which is actually a longer list of interesting features you might expect. Well worth checking out if you run multiple WordPress sites.