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What Chess can Teach Blogging

Always one to point out my mistakes, Marco Jardim recently put up a post on about what chess can teach us about blogging.

Always think two, or more, steps ahead
I have not been in the (blogging) business for very long, but even so, I’ve witnessed my fair share of mistakes. If you have a, somewhat, popular blog, you should consider the opinions of your readers. If you want to change something about your blog, you should always consider what people will think of it.
A good example of this type of thought is my colleague, and friend, David Peralty, who, before changing his design (and domain), took in consideration what people thought of two designs he showed for his new personal blog. However, after changing domain name and design, and almost starting fresh he started to see some things which he might have not been prepared for. For example, since he started the new blog there is no longer any reference of him in his former site. It’s as if he’s starting a career in a foreign country. The result of that was when he tried to sign up for a new Web 2.0 service, however, they wouldn’t allow him to register because his site was “ranked too low”.

That wasn’t something I really considered, and while he is right, and tells the truth in his post, I still stubbornly stand by my decision to move. Read the full article at Marco’s site where he goes over more details in relating chess to blogging.