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What Do You Want from a Blogging Platform?

In talking with a good friend of mine, Chris Garrett, he and I have constantly argued about what we want to see from our perfect blogging platform. He wants something social, beautiful, standards compliant, and accessible. I want something simple, functional, fast, and expandable.
Over on WordPress Ideas, there are a great list of things that people want to see WordPress adopt. Matt Mullenweg mentioned at Northern Voice that they usually take the top one to three items from that list for every major revision, and so the Ideas list does matter for WordPress.
Currently, the top ideas include:

  • Easy Updating of WordPress
  • Thumbnail and image resizing
  • Default searching of both posts and pages
  • Open ID Integration
  • Make it faster

From what I know of the upcoming version of WordPress, version 2.5, half of these features will be in there, meaning some new ones will get into the upper ranks, and WordPress will continue to develop itself based on community needs.
The question I now have is, how much is too much? When should WordPress stop adding features? Some people think that WordPress is already getting a little too heavy in features and customization options. Is there a market for something between and the current release of the software?
What would be the features included in your perfect blogging platform?