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What Has Blogging Given Me?

Darren has posted about this numerous times in the past, but Marco from is looking at making it a meme, as well as finding out more than just the objects you got because of blogging.

So basically the intention is to find out what people have gotten from blogging. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a material possession, it can be something like a new job, or a reference in your community, or simply a personal achievement.
There are also other things which aren’t material, but have helped me a lot over the past year. Blogging has allowed me to take my mother out for dinner for instance, which was something that I always wished to do. It has also allowed me to give my girlfriend a special gift from time to time.
In terms of personal achievement, even though I don’t intend on following journalism as a career, it has allowed me to take advantage of the writer’s vein from my father, who was a journalist for the longest part of his career, and my mother that was also involved with journalism.

So if you have a story about what blogging has given you, write about it on your blog, comment here or link back to this post, so we can all take a look. Remember, its about more than just physical items, but sometimes those are interesting too.